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Wedding receptions need not be an extravagant affair.

Here are 5 ideas on how to arrange an inexpensive yet adorable reception!

Courtesy of SimplyBridal.


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Feeling a wee bit devilish?

Make your own devil horns and tail for costume parties, Halloween, or just to run around the house with when you're in the mood. ;-)

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Washi Eggs

Ever wondered how Washi eggs are made? It's actually not too difficult.

Read our blog to find out how to turn ordinary egg shells into works of art with the lovely Japanese originated Washi paper.

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Don't throw away those used bottles! Turn them into fun works-of-art instead.

Here, we experimented with different paint and lots of rhinestones to create an assortment of designs!


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Found an old fashioned bead bag in the attic?

Doll it up to make your own new fashion statement!

Here's an idea how!

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