Customer Service

  1. Frequently Asked Questions

    You will find those frequently asked questions here about ordering from You will also find information regarding payment of your order as well as the currency of transactions and the return and refund policies. 

  2. Shipping Terms

    Find out the standard shipping transit times for your order here and what options are available if you need your order quicker. You can also find out the standard procedures when you still don't receive your order after the estimated transit times and all things related to shipping of your order.

  3. Our Privacy and Security Policies

    Here you will find our policies on privacy and security when you visit to our store. What are the information collected and how these information is shared. Nothing of grave concern here, just an assurance that any information that we have collected from the transactions between us will be treated confidentially.

  4. Contact Us

    If you ever need to contact us for anything, or just want to find out where we are located, this is the place to get those information. You can also leave us a message here or send us your feedback that you have after visiting our store. 

  5. About Us

    Here we talk more about who we are and what we do and what we believe in.