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We hope you enjoy browsing through our product catalogues and that our product gallery will give you an idea or two on how you can decorate your wedding event, or add sparkle and life to your craft projects.

Your wedding is an occasion to be cherished your entire life, and we hope to be able to assist you in making it unforgettable. These days, more couples are looking for ways to add that personal touch to their special celebration. Some do it with personalized favours, while others make their own wedding invitations. We are pleased to supply the materials required for such a task and hope you will find something that suits your taste. 

Our products are sourced directly from manufacturers, hence we are able to keep the prices reasonable which translate into savings for you. We pay great attention to the quality of the items and in-house quality control is carried out to ensure that everything purchased from us is of high quality. 

We believe in good customer service. If you have any doubts about any of our products, we are more than delighted to answer any enquiries or concerns you may have.