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How to make Devil Horns and Tail

We had a spooky Halloween party to go to and I thought it would be fun to go as 'angels in disguise' ;-)

Here are some tips on making your own inexpensive devil horns and tail.

You will need:
1) Paper clay
2) Hair clips or hair bands
3) Acrylic paint
4) Red felt or velvet cloth
5) Tissue roll
6) Foam pieces (cardboard would do as well)
7) Wire (or a wire clothes hanger)
8) Glue
9) Scissors

...and the devilish fun begins!

Step 1:
Mold some paper clay into horn shapes...making it as big or as small as you like...just as long as it fits on the hair clips or hair band.

I chose hair clips as I find them to be more versatile and comfortable.

 Ensure the horns are more or less the same size and shape...

Step 2:
When the clay has hardened, paint the clay with acrylic paint. To make them look more realistic, paint the top half red and the lower half brown, blending in the colours smoothly where they meet.


Step 3:
Once the paint is dry, glue the clay to hair clips and voila, you have your horns.

What's a devil without a tail?

Step 4:
Using some felt or velvet cloth. Cut the cloth to suit your desired thickness and length. Remember to leave some extra length for hooking on the tail and for attaching the triangular tip.

I cut mine to approximately 3 inches wide and 1.5 to 2 feet long.

(The hair clips turned out to be very useful tools to hold the cloth in place) 

Step 5:
Roll the cloth and glue the overlapping ends together.

Step 6:
Take some wire or a wire clothes hanger, straighten and cut it to fit the cloth tail, with an extra inch at both ends. Bend that extra inch of wire around to make a smooth and un-sharp end. Then wrap some tissue paper around the wire, making it thick enough to fit inside the rolled up cloth.

Then push the covered wire slowly into the cloth...and seal both ends with glue.

Step 7: 
Draw a triangular shape for the tip of the tail on a piece of paper.

Step 8:
Trace and cut out the tip on foam and then trace and cut the cloth or felt around the foam. Make two pieces.

Step 9:
Attach the cloth to the foam with glue. Then glue the tail to the 1st piece of foam...

...and glue the 2nd piece of foam...

...over the whole ensemble. Bend the beginning of the tail over to hook on to your pants or skirt at the waist...

...and tadaa! Devils with perky tails!

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