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06 Dec

Customize Your Boots with Rhinestones

Posted by Seck Wong in boots, DIY, rhinestones, screw-on studs

Recently Mari from SentFromMars.com created a tutorial to show how easy it is to customize your boots with rhinestones and screw on studs. We want to share with you the video that she has done documenting the process and show you how you can beautify your boots and make them special and shiny with rhinestones and studs.

A video on how to customize your boots with rhinestones by Mari from SentFromMars.com.



You can also find the step-by-step tutorial and links to the tools and materials used in the video on Instructables.com. You can even download the heart-shaped template used in the tutorial.


30 Jul

What, Why and Which Adhesive for Rhinestones

Posted by Michelle B in adhesives, DIY, rhinestones

Choosing the right adhesive to use on rhinestones is extremely important, if you want your work-of-art to come out beautifully...without destroying the rhinestones, or the surface the rhinestones are to be attached to.

We experimented on several adhesive types with some very interesting observations.

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