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How to Use Hot Fix Transfer Paper

Have you ever seen a stunning rhinestone or rhinestud design on clothing worn by someone and wondered how it was done so perfectly? Were the rhinestones or rhinestuds put onto the fabric one by one? It must be a very painstaking task!

Here we reveal the secret of using hot fix transfer paper or tape to conveniently apply a rhinestone or rhinestud design onto fabric with ease. With this effortless method, you can create your own designs, store it for future use, share it with family and friends, or even sell your designs for profit!

Step 1: Construct your design on a clean flat surface.

You may use hot fix rhinestones or hot fix rhinestuds of different colors and sizes or a mixture of both rhinestones and rhinestuds. However, do make sure the rhinestones and studs are of the hot fix variety with adhesive on the flat back surface in order for this procedure to work.

Hot fix rhinestones, rhinestuds and the hot fix transfer tapes can be found in

Step 2: Transfer the hot fix rhinestone/stud design to a piece of hot fix transfer paper or tape.


Once you have arranged your desired hot fix rhinestone design, it is ready to be transferred to a piece of hot fix transfer tape.

Partially peel off the transparent layer of hot fix transfer tape from the white backing layer.

Place the sticky transparent layer over your rhinestone design and ensure the sticky transparent tape makes good contact with all the rhinestones and studs. Apply some pressure onto your design to make sure that the rhinestones and studs are well-adhered onto the hot fix transfer tape.

Step 3: Peel off the hot fix transfer tape.

Slowly peel off the hot fix transfer tape, making sure that all the rhinestones and rhinestuds are adhering onto the hot fix transfer tape.

Step 4: Replace the backing sheet.

You may now replace the backing sheet, and your design is ready to be transferred onto your clothing.

In this form, you may also preserve the design for future use, and you have a choice of displaying or selling your designs.

Step 5: Transfer the design onto chosen clothing.

When you are ready to transfer the design onto your clothing, you will need an iron and an ironing board.

The photo shows a simple rhinestud design on a piece of hot fix transfer tape, and the sleeve of a T-shirt where the rhinestud design is to adhere to.

To begin, peel the transparent layer of the hot fix transfer tape, with the rhinestud design, from the white backing sheet and position it onto the desired position on the fabric.

As the transparent layer of the hot fix transfer tape is sticky, it will stick to your clothing but worry not as it can be peeled away easily without causing any damage.

The tape also helps to set your rhinestud and rhinestone design in place.

Step 6: Iron on your hot fix rhinestone/rhinstud design.

Turn your clothing over to reveal the underside where the rhinestone design is so that it is accessible to an iron.

With the iron set to a temperature suitable for the material of the clothing, place the iron onto the underside of where the rhinestone design is. The heat from the iron will melt the adhesive on the back of the rhinestuds and rhinestones causing them to stick permanently onto your clothing.

Attention must be paid not to place the iron on your clothing for too long to avoid damage to the material due to excessive heat from the iron. This step can be repeated a few times in short intervals.

Step 7: Check that the rhinestones/rhinestuds are securely attached and remove the transfer tape.

When you feel that the rhinestones and studs are stuck securely to the material, turn it over again and slowly peel off the transparent layer of the hot fix transfer tape from your clothing. If the heat application step is sufficiently done, you will have all the rhinestuds and rhinestones sticking firmly onto the material.

If you find some rhinestuds or rhinestones not sticking well to the fabric, repeat the heat application step and perhaps try with a slightly elevated temperature.


Your special design is now transferred to the fabric and ready to been shown off!

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