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Decorating Glass Bottles

Ever wondered what to do with the glass bottles and jars that seem to accumulate in your kitchen? Apart from sending them to the recycling bin, how about having some creative fun?

Wash and dry the bottles. Then have a go at painting them in any pattern and colour you fancy. I experimented with Pelikan Plaka paint on these bottles.


Paint the bottles any colour...
...or design you like
Don't just stop at paint, glue on flat back rhinestones for an extra touch of playful fun or simple elegance. I found it better to apply the glue on the bottle first. Carefully place a little dollop of glue on the bottle, then place the rhinestone on the spot of glue. Rhinestone gel pickers make it so much easier to pick and stick the flat back rhinestones according to desired patterns.
Glue on some flat back rhinestones...
Let your imagination run wild with the designs. Here is what I came up with.
...from plain to pretty glass bottles...
If you wish, a thin layer of varnish may be applied to the bottles, specially if the paint used is not water-resistant. Next put a tea light, or in my case, some water, oil and a floating wick....and let there be light.
Do remember to use heat-resistant glue for the flat back rhinestones. Adhesives like super glue*, multipurpose glue and the E6000 are all right. If you take a good look, you will notice that a rhinestone on the 3rd bottle in the picture above is missing. It fell off because I tried using hot-melt glue for that particular bottle. (I know...I know...Duh! Hot-melt glue does exactly that...melt when it's hot...but it was fun to experiment with it anyway) ;-)

So there you have it!
Spend a fun afternoon painting and decorating used bottles with the rest of the family. It's a lovely way to pass the time and a great way to let those creative juices flow. When you're done, you will have new and unique decorations that look lovely in the daytime and mesmerizing at night. 

*Super glue tends to have a cloudy effect on flat back rhinestones. It makes the silver tint at the bottom of flat back rhinestones bubbly and cloudy when it dries after application, hence the emulsified look on the rhinestone when seen through from the top.

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