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How to make a Superhero costume

It's all right to be a fairy when you're 3 going on 4. But when you're 4 going on 5, you want to be something more exciting for Halloween.

So, for her latest school Halloween Disco, my daughter wanted to be a Superhero. Since the sewing machine in our house is from another era (you have to paddle with your legs and spin the wheel with your hands to get it going), this is how I made a superhero outfit for her....without much sewing.

You will need:
1) Cloth...preferably shiny
2) Rhinestones
3) Ribbons
4) Foam or felt pieces
5) Glue
6) Scissors
7) A needle and thread

To make the superhero mask:
  • Draw your own mask, or print a mask template from one of the many available online; cut out the mask printout on black rubber foam (which can be found in most craft stores). Felt can also be used in place of rubber foam, but may feel a little scratchy after awhile.
  • Punch two holes at the sides of the mask to slip some black 6mm ribbons through. The ribbons will be used to tie the mask in place around the face and head. It is better to glue than tie the ribbon to the mask as it does not crumple up the foam (or felt).
  • Slip the ribbon through the holes, then glue the short end of the ribbon to the rest of the ribbon just after the end of the mask.
  • Use a strong, durable glue, like the E-6000, in order for the mask and ribbons to withstand usage.

To make the superhero logo:
  • Draw and cut a shape of your choice on a piece of felt. I used a circle shape on black felt.
  • Try out several designs made out of rhinestones on the felt piece.
  • If glue accidentally gets onto parts of the felt, pull and scratch out whatever excess you can, and then black out the rest of the dried glue with a black magic pen. (I mean black coloured magic black magic or Death Eaters required) ;-)

  • For speedy and easy application, allow the E-6000 to harden for half a minute before taking a dollop of it with a pincer and placing it on the felt. Then gently plop the rhinestone on top of the glob of glue and press it in place. Easy peasy!
  • Once the glue has dried and the rhinestones set nicely, glue or sew the whole felt piece to T-shirt or top. 

To make the superhero skirt:
  • Measure around the waist, and from waist to knee, then cut a black satin cloth to make a wrap-around skirt. Fold over the top of the skirt around 1 to 2 inches and cut little slits in the cloth to slip a 9mm wide ribbon thru.
(Sorry the picture isn't very clear, if you look carefully over the watermark, you will be able to see the slits)

  • Do the same to some different coloured tulle fabric.
  • To add fluff and bounce to the tulle, gather, fold and stitch parts of it together.
  • I used 3 different coloured, lavender and turquoise..., and cut them in different lengths.
  • Arrange all the material together and begin sliding the ribbon through the slits. Ensure you have enough ribbon to tie around the waist.
  • Here's the completed superhero fun skirt without any sewing required.

To make a superhero wrist gun:

(My daughter loved the wrist gun that Daniel Craig had in Cowboys vs Aliens, so I made one for her).

  • Measure and cut out some rubber foam for the wrist. Cut out another little piece to fit on the top.
  • Glue on some big shiny rhinestones for buttons. (According to my daughter, the red one shoots the lazer) ;-)
  • Once the glue has dried, attach velcro to both ends for easy fastening.

To make the superhero cape: 

What fun is there in being a superhero if you don't get to wear a cape? :-)

  • Measure from shoulder to shoulder and add 4 inches, then measure from shoulder to the back of the knee (for shorter capes) or ankle (for longer capes) and add 1 to 2 inches.
  • Fold over the top of the cape around 1 inch and cut slits to fit 9mm ribbons (just like the skirt before). Slip the ribbon through the slits.
  • Ensure the ribbon is long enough to go around the shoulders, under the armpits, to be tied behind the back.
  • I used black velvet ribbons (the velvet helps keep the cape from slipping around)

Introducing....*drum roll*....Super D!

She fights the forces of evil with her super powers, lazer wrist gun and a smug smile.

(Notice how the cape goes over the shoulders and under the armpits...keeping strangling accidents at bay...)

And this is what it would look like from behind.

...and yes!...Super D has a sidekick...yours truly aka Super Mum.

*And waddaya know, our names begin with D and M as well* ;-)

It was fun to make, and even more fun to wear. We had a good time being Superheroes that day.

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