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How to make a Choker

After the fun of breathing life into used accessories, it was time to attempt making something new from scratch. I had a reunion with some girlfriends from school coming up and decided it would be lovely to have a piece of jewelry that they could comment about. Browsing through the Summer-Ray catalog, I immediately fell in love with the pretty butterfly buttons. But what jewelry could I make with sewing buttons? I reckoned since I was going out with the friends of my youth, a choker would be just the thing. This is what I did...

1. Using black craft string, I cut a good length of the string, leaving an ample amount for mistakes.

2. Then I tied a knot at the back of the button hole, making sure it was smack in the middle of the string.

3. Next, I tied two knots on each side of the first knot.

4. Then I slipped in some Tibetan spacer beads, choosing two different-sized floral patterns, and butterflies.

5. I added white butterfly buttons to the choker, holding them securely in place by tying two knots on each end of the button hole. Then using my trusted tube of E6000 craft glue, I fixed the butterfly buttons firmly to the knots.

6. I ended my design with more spacer beads and tied a knot at the end to keep them from sliding around.

7. The next bit was tricky, I had to measure the string to fit snugly around my neck, while ensuring it was long enough to slip over my head. After some trial-and-error, I had the rough measurements down and tied sliding knots, placing a tiny spacer bead at each knot.

8. I placed the choker on to see if it would fit well...and taa daaa! A perfect fit!

Satisfied, I took it off to burn the end bits of the string with a lighter, and I was set to go out with my new homemade choker.


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