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White Gold Plated Split Ring White Gold Plated Split Ring

White Gold Plated Split Ring


You will receive 1000 pieces of white gold plated zinc alloy Split Rings.

Material: white gold plated alloy 
Outer diameter: approximately 6 mm
Inner diameter: approximately 5 mm

Great for jewelry making, such as, necklaces, chokers, ear-rings, bracelets and anklets. It may also be used for key chains, book bracelets, hand phone straps and name tags

For standard shipping, please take note of the estimated approximate transit duration:

Destination and Approximate Transit Duration
Rest of Asia, Australia and New Zealand - 1 to 4 weeks
Europe and United Kingdom - 2 to 4 weeks
United States and Canada - 2 to 4 weeks
Rest of the World - 3 to 6 weeks


If you require to receive your order at a shorter time, express shipping is available. Please contact customer service at cs@summer-ray.com to get a quote.