White Gold Plated Crimp Coil End Connector

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You will receive White Gold Plated Crimp Coil End Connectors in the size of your choice.

Material: White Gold Plated Metal
Outer coil diameter: 3.5 mm or 4.5 mm
Inner coil diameter: 2 mm or 3.5 mm
Length: 10 mm

Crimp Coil End Connectors are perfect for jewelry cords, rubber, leather and multi-strand waxed cotton cords.

Get a cord with a thickness that matches the inner diameter of the coil.
Dip one end of the cord with E6000 glue and slide the cord end into the coil. Use pliers to twist and compress the coil around the cord end to secure it tightly. Attach jump rings and a lobster clasp to the coils as shown in the sample bracelet in the second photo.