Wedding Gift Poem Invitation Insert Cards

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You will receive wedding gift poem cards in the color, model and lot size of your choice.

The poem is printed on 250 GSM (170 lbs) premium card stock measuring 100 mm x 70 mm (10 cm x 7 cm, 4" x 2.75"). The back of the card is intentionally left blank. 

A quaint and poetic addition to invitations. 

Please send us the details via email upon purchase should you prefer to have your own poem printed. A sample jpeg file will be sent to you for proof reading before the final print.

The original poem reads:

We have been together for a few years,
and have a lovely home,
there are not too many items now,
that we do not already own.
So if your thoughts were on a gift,
your presence will suffice,
but if you really fee the need,
just being there would be nice.
The choice is really up to you,
and we would like to say,
we hope you come, enjoy yourselves,
and have a lovely day.