Handmade Women Denim Key Pouch Key Chain Holder with Key Holder Pull Strap

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  • Protects your keys from scratching your other valuables in your bag.
  • This light weight key pouch is made of denim cloth, hand stitched and 100% handmade by local artisan in Malaysia.
  • The key pouch includes a leather pull strap with a beautifully hand stitched suede pad at the end for your convenience.
  • The leather strap is tied to a silver plated lobster clasp and the clasp comes with a split key ring for your keys.
  • The pouch measures approximately 5.9" x 4.1".
  • The denim part of this key pouch can be machine washed. Please remove the key ring and leather strap part of the key pouch first and place the denim part of the key pouch in a protective laundry net before washing. Wash cold.