Cabochon Resin Mixed Teddy Bear/Cupcake/Whale/Shark/Ice Cream Cone with Eye Bolt

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You will receive 18 pieces of resin embellishments with eye bolts in a mixture of colors and designs, i.e. 2 pieces of each design shown in the picture.

The measurements for each charm as follows:

Blue whale - approximately 24 mm x 19 mm x 16 mm (height, eye bolt inclusive)

Double scoop ice cream - approximately 24 mm (height, eye bolt inclusive) x 12 mm (width) x 6 mm (thickness)

Cartoon cupcake - approximately 22 mm (height, eye bolt inclusive) x 14 mm (width)

Deadliest shark - approximately 27 mm (length) x 18 mm (height, eye bolt inclusive) x 17 mm (width)

Sitting teddy - approximately 21 mm (height, eye bolt inclusive) x 17 mm (width) x 13 mm (thickness)

Red/White teddy sponge cake - approximately 17 mm (height, eye bolt inclusive) x 21 mm (width) x 7 mm (thickness)

Amber/Brown teddy with heart - approximately 23 mm (height, eye bolt inclusive) x 17 mm (width) x 13 mm (thickness)

These gorgeous resins with eye bolts are excellent for decorating scrapbooks, homemade cards, hair accessories, name tags, baggage tags, charm bracelets, ear rings...the list is endless!