Mini DIY Envelope Brown/Cream/White with Inserts DIY Craft Scrapbooking Card Making

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  • The package consists of 120 sets of mini DIY envelopes in 3 colors: brown, cream and white. The envelopes are made using 250 GSM (170 lbs) premium card stock in brown kraft, cream linen and white linen cards.
  • The envelopes come unassembled. These mini envelopes are individually laser cut to preserve precision. There are perforated lines on these embellishment as folding guides.
  • The embellishment comes unique with insert printout. There are 6 printouts: love you, miss you, for you, best wishes, thank you and hello. The mini printout is made using the white linen card with the same thickness (250 GSM).
  • The mini envelope measures 1.15" x 1.55" (2.9 cm x 3.9 cm). The printout measures 1" x 0.75" (2.5 cm x 1.9 cm). You will have 40 brown kraft, 40 white linen and 40 cream linen envelopes together with 20 mini printout cards for each text, this will bring to a total of 120 envelopes and 120 mini printout cards.
  • Small tips while assembling these mini envelopes: fold the side flaps following the perforated lines, apply a bit of glue on the left and right edges of the bottom flap before folding it, then fold and secure it using paper weight or pegs while waiting for the glue to dry.